Monday, April 26, 2010

My Favorite Houses

Oh jeeze, my last post was LONG, like novel long. Sorry about that, it all just came out! And it seemed like it was T.M.I, which is not like me really, (I've been told I keep things to myself alot, which I don't do on purpose) and I was thinking of going back and editing it but I am going to step out of my norm and leave it how it is- nice and long.

Okay, anyways...

I'm working on decorating, rearranging, and some projects to make my tiny apartment feel more like home, so tomorrow I'll take some pictures of everything in its current state and post, but its not going to be pretty. I might try to chicken out, but what do I have to lose? Nothing.

Any tips for decorating/ making small spaces work to their full potential would be greatly appreciated!

So now I'm going to show you two houses I LOOOOOOVE


Okay, this house was recently built right down the street from my complex. They tore down the house that was previously on the lot and started from scratch. I drive down this street almost daily (and on days I didn't, I would make it part of my trip) and I have seen it come to life. Its Gorgeous! I'm in love with it. Its exactly what I want in a house, love the color, the porch, EVERYTHING. I'm slightly obsessed. And its big, goes waaaaaaaaay far back more than you would expect from looking at the front. I would fantasize about buying this house and only having to walk my things over during the move. So as it was starting to look finished, I kept my eye out for a "for sale" sign, waited and waited and nothing. It was never on the market, turns out the contractor was building the house for himself. Not that me buying this would ever be a remote possibility, but it was nice to dream. Ill even admit to driving by a few times and stopping to peak inside, I even day dreamt about the layout! Like I said, obsessed. So now I just drive by and hope that one day a house like this will be mine.


This house is in Burbank (CA) and I actually turned around to take the picture. I'm afraid if I stop and get out to take a picture ill get in trouble or something, yea yea I'm paranoid I KNOW.
Anyways, this house is smaller but still beautiful. I love the color green for houses, I didn't even realize that both houses were green until now. And again another porch. I think I just might be the only 20 year old student that day dreams about houses.

I'm sure if I had either one of these houses I would never want to leave!

But I am thankful for what I have, how lucky I am, and know that one day I'll have the house of my dreams(after lots of work!)

Also, my cat Kaos for the first time has matted fur!! He has medium length fur, about 6 0r 7 years old? and this has never happened, he hates the car so going to a groomer would be a bad idea. So I've decided to take this on myself. Great idea, right? No, I spent about an hour just chasing him around and fighting him (well more like him fighting me) just trying to brush him. So I had to cut a few mats out and still have a lot more to do but he was getting pretty feisty so I gave it a rest for the night. Tomorrow I'll try to get the rest, and then try to give him a bath.....I'll admit, I'm kinda scared.

Wish me luck!


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