Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Project!

I'm so excited to have my first project (almost) done!
It has definitely been a learning ALWAYS use primer, even though you have plenty of paint, and are too tired to go to the store.
I found this coffee table at Salvation Army for $25! It was marked down from $50. Which may seem like a lot for something that needs work but in LA thrift stores are more expensive.
It is almost done but not quite, it needs a couple more coats of paint and some de-stressing, but so far its looking good!
Sadly the only before picture I took was after I detached the top from the legs and with my blackberry camera =/

This is mid sanding. And my best work space is my tiny balcony.
The are is very difficult to work in.

Its been hot enough outside for dresses!! I'm so excited to break out all my cute summer clothes.
This is one of my favorite long dresses, got it at Forever 21 for probably around $20. So light and comfortable.
That's me, in my room, the dress makes me look much shorter than I really am even though I'm only 5'3".I'm also bending and jutting my hip out.
Oh! I went to my favorite small thrift store the other day and I found a great table thing. Its like a rectangular coffee table but smaller and shorter, I think I'm going to make it an ottoman! For the living room. Which is still in progress.
Oh and I have a bench with storage under the part where you put your bum. Sanded and ready to be painted. I'm thinking a grey/white?
Ive seen that color everywhere in blogs lately and have fallen in love.
I'm also going to try my own drop cloth curtains. Hopefully I'll love them when I do them myself, I feel like when I try crafts they never look as good as the original poster.
My plate is full....
SO many projects
3 cats
Special someone =)
But I'm trying my best.
And I am so happy/ thankful/ grateful/ blessed/ lucky/ excited!
Hopefully next time I can post about some FINISHED projects.

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