Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A lot has been going on around here, so many changes happening and I'm a little overwhelmed.

I am so grateful for the warm welcome even though this blog has kind of had a rough (and uninteresting) start. I've realised that even though I LOVE reading craft and home improvement blogs, I am unable to have a "craft" blog of my own.

So this blog is going to take a different direction.

I've decided to write more about my life. Hopefully in writing out all my thoughts, feelings, issues, and being completely honest and uncensored I work through things that I have been struggling with.

Thank you all so much for being so kind and welcoming, and I understand if you decide not to follow me anymore.

So this is my new start.
I am open to feedback, thoughts, and opinions.

To me, this sounds sad, dismal, and downright depressing.....but it wont be!
I am going to write about EVERYTHING, good and bad.

I cannot say thank you enough, the support means so much to me.

I hope I wont be speaking (typing) to an empty room (blogland)

-Ashley Marie

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